sharpshined hawk
sharpshined hawk


The Alutiiq people of Kodiak have been practicing the tenets of environmental sustainability for thousands of years; it is embedded in the core values that define our people.

The principle of Unguwacirpet or "our way of living" is based on the idea that our lives are sustained by the natural world, and our responsibility to the lands we share is as important as our responsibility to our extended network of kinship and communities.

“Unguwacirpet or 'our way of living' is based on the idea that our lives are sustained by the natural world.”


In our tradition, our rules and beliefs focus on how we interact with the environment to survive and to maintain balance of the physical and spiritual worlds. We understand that our actions ripple outwards, and our goal is to not alter the environment in any way that could alter the natural behaviors of the bears and other wildlife or their ability to thrive in this land.

THE KODIAK BROWN BEAR LODGE lets you reconnect with the richness of the earth. We offer an escape to a place that’s governed by the ancient rhythms of the seasons, rather than the clock and the calendar. We bring together conservation, research, and unrivalled bear viewing and sustainable fishing experiences in one of the most remote locations on the planet. Everything we do is centered in our Alutiiq value that “this is the land that we belong to, not the land that belongs to us.”

This commitment to our environment has very practical reverberations; the Center & Lodge has made substantial investments towards renewable energy and sustainable business practices. Our power is generated by two wind turbines, accompanied by a high capacity lithium ion battery bank to supplement our solar panels. The system is quiet, bird-friendly, and has a wonderful performance at low wind speeds.

The Kodiak Brown Bear Center & Lodge is Adventure Green Alaska certified as a model Alaskan tourism business who practices economic, environmental, social, and cultural sustainability.

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