Bear Viewing

For the experiential traveler, without boardwalks or tourists.

Alaska’s Premier Bear Viewing

The Kodiak Brown Bear Center offers a true Alaskan adventure: outstanding bear viewing, without boardwalks or large groups of tourists. A visit to our home will leave you with unforgettable memories of your time spent in the heart of Kodiak’s wilderness with the legendary monarchs of our Archipelago: the Kodiak brown bear.


Located on Kodiak Island, Alaska

The Kodiak Brown Bear Center is located on the southwest side of Kodiak Island. We provide exclusive guided bear viewing tours at the most famous and world-renowned locations to witness the life of Kodiak brown bears – Karluk Lake, Karluk River, and the Thumb River.


Photography provided by the Kodiak Brown Bear Center, Steve Goodman, Brad Starry, Robert Thorpe, Andy Doppel, and Hans-Rudolph Werner.

“First-class opportunities to view bears up close.”

Over the past decade I’ve traveled all around the world filming wildlife.  I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the most famous bear-viewing sites on the planet and I can honestly say the best experience I’ve ever had was at Karluk Lake.  The amazing landscape and unsurpassed density of bears in the Karluk Lake drainage provide for first-class opportunities to view bears up close.  And while there are other great bear viewing sites on the Alaska Peninsula, Karluk is off the beaten path, ensuring exceptional wilderness experiences with few tourists and no boardwalks…just you and the bears!  And if this wasn’t enough, the Kodiak Brown Bear Center and its exceptional lodging stand-alone as luxury in the middle of Kodiak Island, truly heaven on Earth!  —  John Shier, Producer/Cinematographer